Co-creating Tomorrow
Co-creating Tomorrow
Time's Place
Time's Place


Kintetsu Venture Partners, Inc, promotes co-creation by startups and Kintetsu Group and contributes to the solving of social issues and further regional revitalization.

We will work on open innovation together with startups in a wide range of fields such as transportation, travel/leisure, merchandise sales / restaurants, hotels, real estate, and advertising / information services and create new businesses and new services.

Kintetsu Group will make use of every resource we have so as to support the growth of startups.

MESSAGEMessage from top management

Satoshi Urano

We are growing with startups and
creating tomorrow together.

Satoshi Urano

We are growing with startups and creating tomorrow together.

Since its founding, the Kintetsu Group has overcome many challenges and pioneered new paths with an enterprising spirit.

We believe that the startups who take on the challenges of innovation is indispensable to sustainably create value in the future and lead an affluent society into the future.

As a corporate venture capital (CVC) that embodies and evokes the Kintetsu Group’s venture mindset, Kintetsu Venture Partners, Inc. supports startups in various ways. At the same time, we will promote the collaborative creation of new value by combining innovative ideas and technologies with the resources of the Kintetsu Group.

Let us grow together and create tomorrow together.

BUSINESSBusiness summary

Kintetsu Group develops various businesses and services related to daily life, in fields such as transportation, travel/leisure, merchandise sales / restaurants, hotels, and real estate. We also own many real assets including railway stations where business people, students, and tourists come and go, as well as commercial facilities such as Abeno Harukas.

Kintetsu Group’s


運輸 運輸

A railway network of 501.1-kilometer and having 286 stations and covering five prefectures with an annual number of passengers of 572 million (FY 2019)

Sightseeing/fixed-route bus business nationwide

Taxi business in major cities including Osaka and Nara

And more



旅行・レジャー 旅行・レジャー

Kinki Nippon Tourist and Club Tourism, which have a large numbers of tourism fans and members

Leisure facilities such as Shima Spain Village/PARQUE ESPAÑA , Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan, Ikoma Sanjo Amusement Park and golf courses

And more


Merchandise sales/Restaurants

流通・飲食 流通・飲食

Ten department stores and commercial facilities mostly along railway lines such as Abeno Harukas

In-station shopping mall Time’s Place and shops / restaurants

KINSHO, a chain with 37 grocery stores in Osaka, Nara, and Kyoto Prefectures

And more



ホテル ホテル

Miyako Hotels & Resorts, a hotel chain operating 23 inns and hotels in Japan and overseas

And more


Real estate

不動産 不動産

Detached housing and condominiums developed and sold not only in the prefectures in the Kansai region but also in the Tokyo metropolitan area and Chubu region

Developing housing-related businesses such as selling, leasing, brokering, and/or renovating housing/condominiums

Leasing and management of office buildings, commercial facilities, etc.

Entering various businesses such as the agriculture and energy businesses

And more


And also

KIPS Card members

Various kinds of data held as part of each business operated by the Kintetsu Group and more

(As of the end of September 2020)

Along the Kintetsu Railways

Along the Kintetsu Railways

THEMEInvestment themes

In terms of synergy with the Group’s businesses:

Efficiency improvement and labor savings in operations required in all business fields

Strengthening of capabilities for marketing, promotion, and communication skills in a global and ICT society

Sophistication of and more value added to services to support diversifying customer needs

In terms of new business creation

New businesses/services and regional revitalization measures to respond to an aging society and population decline

New businesses aiming to solve social issues in fields such as the environment/energy, agriculture, and health / medical care

New businesses created through the evolution of technologies, for example, FinTech

Flow to an actual investment

First, we consider business synergy with Kintetsu Group. Then, we conduct internal deliberation after carrying out due diligence and make investments.

Investment flow chart

Duration: Approximately 2 to 3 months

Project screening

We seek financing needs through our own marketing activities, requests directly from companies, and introductions from other companies.

Examination of business synergy

After checking the details of the business, we examine whether we can expect to create business synergy with the candidate company.

Due diligence

If we can expect to create business synergy, we investigate other matters such as financial information. We also conduct interviews with management and founding members if necessary.

In-house examination

Our board of directors examines the candidate project.

Investment execution

We prepare the necessary documents for the investment such as contracts to execute the investment.


List of investments

Provides SaaS called “KINCHAKU”, a one-stop cloud service which simplifies the design and distribution of mobile wallet compatible point cards, stamp cards, discount coupons, membership cards, admission tickets, and event tickets. Kinchaku helps SMB to adopt native capabilities of Apple Wallet and Google Pay to deliver flawless mobile experience. No need to develop, maintain and promote proprietary apps.


Develops a system which allows to implement mobile wallet passes in transportation and other businesses related to the Kintetsu Group.

  • Improves service and operational efficiency through wallet pass in each business domain of the Kintetsu Group.
  • Provides consulting and business intelligence services related to distribution and usage of wallet passes powered by KINCHAKU cloud service.

As an industry-leading smartphone application development company, bravesoft is known for entrusted application development and operations of in-house consumer apps. Also offers an event management platform called “eventos”.


  • Provides and promotes virtual and hybrid events using “eventos”.
  • Introduction of smartphone applications to various industries and services.
  • Personnel development and recreation of corporate culture to promote digital transformation (DX) through interactions and communications with bravesoft.

Based on the idea of "creating infrastructure for a society that accepts diverse values as they are," develops a service named HafH that allows you to freely choose and stay at affiliated accommodation facilities in Japan and overseas by paying a fixed monthly fee.


In order to meet new needs of people working from where they like to live, which is emerging due to changes in lifestyles and working styles, promotes the link between HafH and the transportation services developed by the Group and aims to revitalize the region by promoting commuting and consumption along the railway lines and creating related populations.

Aiming to promote diversification of work styles and solve the shortage of workers, develops a work sharing service called Timee that connects users who want to work only at a certain time and businesses that want someone to work only at such a time and another work sharing service called Timee Travel that connects local businesses that need more workers and young people who seek extraordinary experiences.


  • Responds to demand for short-term workers across Kintetsu Group.
  • Revitalizes regions by creating diverse relationships between people in the areas along the railway lines and people from outside such areas, even beyond tourism.

Provides business transformation support with digital for enterprises starting with dynamic pricing, based on the idea of optimizing the movement of people, goods, and vehicles in the real world by the power of price so that we can minimize the waste of resources.


  • Develops a rule-based price optimization algorithm by industry, including market demand-based dynamic pricing model, to improve the profitability of the Kintetsu Group’s businesses
  • Systematizes a price optimization algorithm with digital to increase their work efficiency in price management

A robotics farm that develops and spreads wearable robots that reduce the physical burden on workers, including powered wear. Aims to realize a "power barrierless society" where people can work regardless of physical strength which depends on age and gender.


  • Investigates applications for improving the work efficiency of workers at various sites belonging to the Kintetsu Group.
  • Investigates joint development of products that can be used by residents along the railway lines and customers of the Kintetsu Group.

Provides sightseeing services, charter services, and Japan's only ride-sharing service (chartered but with shared seats) using helicopters with an eye on the next-generation mobility era.


  • Considers providing sightseeing services and transportation services to tourist destinations such as Ise-Shima, as well as the services at the Expo / integrated resort, taking into account the predicted needs of wealthy people and inbound tourists.
  • In the long term, considers entering the next-generation mobility market called "flying taxis."

Website localization solution, which is a SaaS-based service to localize documents in up to 40 languages without planning / development / additional operations.


  • Strengthens multilingual support for various kinds of content, such as the contents of websites of Kintetsu Group companies, in anticipation of an increase in foreign visitors to Japan and foreign workers due to the Osaka/Kansai Expo and the integrated resort attraction.
  • Also considers the development of multilingual support services for local governments along the railway lines.

Provides data integration services that maximize the value of the data a company holds by making full use of AI technology; founded in the United States, a Silicon Valley company originating in Japan.


  • Aggregates and integrates data individually owned, used, and analyzed by Kintetsu Group companies.
  • Aims to provide more advanced customer service by analyzing and visualizing integrated data with AI and making use of it for marketing.

PROGRAMOur program

Plug and Play Japan

Kintetsu Group Holdings Co., Ltd. participates as a founding partner in Plug and Play Osaka, which was established in July 2020 by Plug and Play, the world-class global venture capital/ accelerator, and works with Kintetsu Group companies to promote open innovation together with domestic and overseas startups with innovative technologies and ideas.

Kintetsu Venture Partners is a point of contact at the entire Kintetsu Group for Plug and Play Osaka, organizing the coordination between startups and other corporate partners participating with the Smart Cities accelerator program, holding various events with an aim of fostering an innovation culture in Kintetsu Group.
Plug and Play Japan official website

PROFILECorporate information

Company name
Kintetsu Venture Partners, Inc
6-1-55 Uehommachi, Tennoji-ku, Osaka 543-8585, Japan (at the head office of Kintetsu Group Holdings Co., Ltd.)
August 1, 2018
President: FUJITA Kazuhito
100 million yen
Investment limit
(total amount)
2 billion yen

Kintetsu Group Holdings Co., Ltd.: 100%

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Kintetsu Venture Partners, Inc


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